Specialist Autism and Asperger’s Assessment and Intervention

Lighthouse Psychology provide specialist Autism and Asperger’s assessment and intervention services. We are based in Waterford.

Lighthouse Psychology provide a fast autism assessment service carried out by Chartered Consultant Child Psychologists within a highly skilled multidisciplinary team. Assessment appointments are usually available within 2 weeks. Following assessments, reports are finalised and sent to parents within 21 working days. A follow up appointment is included to fully explain the findings of the process to parents and
to provide advice moving forward.

We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders and provide a range of cognitive assessments, learning disability and dyslexia assessments. Our commitment, experience and skill ensure that you will be able to obtain a rapid, and accurate diagnosis for your child plus ongoing intervention and individual support. These factors help your child reach his or her full potential and greatly reduce your anxiety about the future. We have a trained autism assistance dog who is always available to help during assessments. His presence is extremely calming for some children, particularly those showing high anxiety levels or non-verbal children.

Why do parents seek an independent autism/developmental assessment?

Why Lighthouse Psychology?

  • Provide a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team to undertake the assessment.

  • Provide accurate diagnosis and intervention to families as well as working closely with your child’s school.

  • Provide specialist courses and workshops for our families sharing the latest knowledge and research in the field of developmental conditions.

Adult Autism Assessments

For adults, the results of an adult autism assessment is usually a huge relief. They are finally able to understand why they experience difficulties in holding a job down or within relationships. Accurate information allows specialist interventions and modifications to be made. Lighthouse Psychology work closely with employers and organisations to assist the individual in the work place. We are able to advise on career choices. Lighthouse Psychology also undertake capacity and fitness to plead assessments.

For Schools and Colleges

Lighthouse Psychology are dedicated to providing professional and research-based consultancy to those who work with individuals having a diagnosis of autism. If a member of your team is struggling to assist a particular student, please contact us.

Diagnostic Assessment Tools

The assessment tools used for identifying autism are the ADOS-2 (use with the individual) and the ADI-R (use with parents and carers).

The ADOS-2 looks at the social interaction between the assessor and the individual. It consists of a series of table top tasks. Time duration is normally between 30 – 60 mins.

There are no invasive procedures involved and there are no blood tests or tissue samples taken.

The Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised (ADR-R) is a structured interview conducted with someone who has known the person since infancy. Where a child is being assessed, this will be the parent or caregiver. For adult’s being assessed this may also be a parent or caregiver but could also be an elder sibling or other relative. The ADI-R normally takes between 2- 3 hours to complete. The interview covers the person’s full developmental history.

The test provides the most comprehensive and advanced method of assessing the cognitive ability of both adults and children. It was originally introduced in the 1930’s and has undergone many revisions and updates since that time. The procedure involves protocols that test verbal processing, conceptual processing, working memory index and processing speed index. Each of these concepts provides valuable information that can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance. Early identification facilitates targeted remedial input.

CHAT Checklist of Autism in Toddlers (CHAT)

CARS childhood autism rating scales