Stress Audit/Dispute Mediation

Stress Audit/Dispute Mediation

Absence Management

Lighthouse Psychology places an emphasis on providing ways for HR and line managers to initiate counselling or psychological referrals for employees, particularly those who have been on long term absence.

For many organisations, around 50% of sickness absence cases are stress-related non-physical ailments that cannot be addressed by referral to a medical OH physician.

Our return to work assessments are similar to an OH referral but provides the correct support to deal with the non-physical.

Our return to work assessments are available to either existing Employee Assistance Programme customers or organisations  who are looking for ad hoc solutions.

Our Absence Management services include:

  • Return to work assessments using counsellors and occupational psychologists

  • Fast provision of face-to-face assessments using our nationwide team of experts

  • The provision of thorough yet succinct reports which are solution-focused

  • The provision of support services which may be recommended in the return to work assessment. For example; CBT, workplace adaptions in the case of disability or dispute resolution services

  • Comprehensive end-of-therapy clinical evaluation reports

How Our Absence Management Services Work

In the first instance, we engage directly with your line manager/HR to understand the main objectives of the referral and the employee history. We can then advise whether a counselling, CBT or occupational psychologist assessment would best fit your case.

Once the type of assessment has been chosen, we will work with you to gather the relevant history of your employee to brief our expert, this will include an employee consent.

A face-to-face assessment will then take place at a convenient location for your employee, using our national network of specialists.
The assessment report and action plan is written at the end of each assessment. The report focuses on the employer’s objectives and contains a return to work action plan/recommendations. It details specifically what action the employer and the employee need to do to move forward from a practical and therapeutic point of view with a timeline and achievable targets.