Accredited Providers of Supervision Services

Lighthouse Psychology are accredited providers of supervision services to psychologists and psychotherapists

Supervision is available on an individual basis or within a small supervision group that meets monthly for a whole day in Waterford. While supervision provides a thorough and robust clinical support, it’s focus is to assist the clinician to identify and reach their own individual career goals.

Research Projects

Support is also given to research projects at all stages of the process from research abstract and ethics board to final submission.

Our clinicians take are very much involved in practitioner research and are fully supportive of assisting psychologists and psychotherapists in developing and publishing research that is crucial to improving wellbeing.

Trauma Supervision

The supervision of professionals working in the trauma field is distinctly separate process and needs to be facilitated only by professionals experienced in this field.

Lighthouse Psychology work closely with the emergency services to enable each service to train members of their own teams to undertake this process. Numerous research studies outline the benefits of peer supervision within the emergency services. However, this must have a formalised place and process within the organisation.