Keeping your employees and their families emotionally healthy

Lighthouse Psychology recognise that the employees of any business are the lifeblood of it’s success. Keeping your employees and their families emotionally healthy guarantees good relationships within the organisation. Further, it directly impacts on increased productivity and growth.

Lighthouse EAP provide a bespoke solution to your business in keeping your staff productive. Stress, depression, family relationships, physical illness all have a huge impact on an individual’s capacity to cope and therefore, work effectively. A lack of coping affects an employee’s productivity in any role. We provide psychologist led time limited counselling to help the individual deal with their problem and return quickly to work.

The Benefits

Lighthouse EAP is responsive and flexible depending on the organisational need. We provide, telephone, Skype and face-to-face EAP packages.

Lighthouse EAP Plans

Full EAP Package

This gives all employees access to 4 sessions of solution focused counselling in any 12-month period. The service provides an initial assessment on the telephone and then either 4 sessions of telephone or face-to-face counselling.

In the case of a more protracted issue that requires greater psychological input, Lighthouse Psychology will work with HR to advise or supply further options.

Tele-Support Package

This service provides up to 4 sessions of Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT) counselling with a psychologist to discuss the problem.

Ad Hoc

Lighthouse provide anonymised quarterly data on usage and nature of the problem. This helps employers identify early areas of potential concern in the work place.

Lighthouse Psychology have 20 years’ experience in the EAP industry and our past clients have included