ADHD Consultation


Lighthouse Psychology use the ADI-R and ADOS assessment protocols for diagnosing Autism. These are the gold standard diagnostic protocol for diagnosing ADHD. The assessment process takes approximately 2 hours. To read more regarding the assessment process please view our FAQ page.

Consultation cost : €895. Booking fee deposit : €100 – Final amount due on day of consultation. Bookings available Thursday and Friday only, please choose 11:30am or 2:30pm.

Our booking appointments are for ASD and ADHD assessments only. Please contact us directly for all psychotherapy or other assessments.




Further Information

Our assessments are fully accepted by all professional bodies. They are also fully accepted for DES applications for early intervention, special class, special school, college and university.

The protocol will also screen for Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, General Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, ODD and attachment difficulties as well as a range of neuropsychological conditions.

Lighthouse Psychology incorporate this comprehensive screening into the assessment because there is often a significant overlap in symptoms.
This is crucial to ensure that the exact diagnosis is made.  This will ensure that your child will receive the follow-on assistance that is required.

The ADI-R and AQ is an assessment that takes around 2 hours and would involve both yourselves and your child.  After this has been carried out, two reports are prepared.

One report is prepared for yourselves and one for the school/early intervention or college.

The assessment is also suited for employment purposes and employment adaptions for those with special needs.
Both reports provide the diagnosis and strategies necessary to improve the situation and promote progress in all areas.

The assessment is not stressful but does ask many questions about your child’s development from birth, family history, etc.

It is normally possible to provide you with a tentative diagnosis on the day of the assessment although the full diagnosis will be available 10 days later when the report/s are sent to you.

CTP are also very happy to accompany you into school or college to ensure that teaching staff fully understand what is necessary to improve your child’s situation.

We are also able to provide behavioural interventions and support as required.

In the event of illness, the appointment may be moved to a mutually convenient time.  We regret that it has become necessary to seek payment at the time of the assessment, unfortunately due to escalating non- payment of fees, this has become necessary.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions, (085) 232 6557


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